Wednesday, 28 March 2012

'The Voice' and some Holes

Been a while (again) since I’ve updated my blog here so here goes…

Nothing much to report so I’ll just go with general randomness, usually works for me!

First up I guess I should mention the return of Britain’s got Talent alongside the new competition of ‘The Voice’. This was hyped as a rivalry for quite some time then they programmed them to air on the same night in direct competition. The media hyped it all up as ‘who gets the most views tonight will reign supreme forever’ sort of thing. As it turns out, they were hardly even on at the same time (the end of the voice crossed over a bit into BGT ) So we just watched BGT on Iplayer later that night. Big deal. ! I would imagine that most people that were interested would have done the same or at least watched most of both! Then each side claimed they had the highest viewing figures than the other side and that the other side had got it wrong etc. blah blah! 

Which show is best? Which is right? Well I enjoy both for different reasons and they are not the same type of show. If it was X-Factor vs The Voice then it would have been a more similar contest but BGT is a ‘fun’ show and showcases all kinds of talents, not just singing. 

As for the voice, yes I liked it, the hosts were great and the swivelling red chairs are a nice new touch.  However, It was said to be ‘all about the voice’ and not about who the people are or what they look like and get rid of the sob stories.. so WHY did they start the show off by giving you mini documentaries about the acts and their sob stories?!??????!!!! I almost gave up at the start. Thank god it got better and showed less of that as it went on.

Then I watched BGT and I have to say one or 2 of the singers on BGT gave me the ‘wow that was good’ feeling that none of them did on The Voice. They all seemed a bit contrived and boring on the voice, very good indeed but not with that 'extra something'  (they are all pre-selected and mostly already semi successful / trained singers) Maybe that’s why. Or maybe it was just me. 

Since my last blog post I’ve written a few new tracks and uploaded a few new videos.  ( )  - ‘The Wall’ ‘The constant of time’ ‘trucking’ ‘a moment of silence’ and a few other silly bits and pieces. (

I’ve been busy working for the last few weeks so not done too much musically for a while. I’ve also started training for my HGV driving license (yeah bit of a change I know!)

I’ve updated a few of my web ‘presences’ and have a few ideas musically in the pipeline.

I need to get cracking on with some new tunes over the next week for a ‘secret’ music project too.

I’ve also been chucking lots of broken bricks down a big wet hole (don’t ask)

Till next time