Thursday, 24 October 2013

DV Diary Dates

Events featuring "The Dark Villager" this season!

26th October

7.30 pm St Mary's Church , Whittlesey , Cambs, UK

Violin solo at the 'annual' music concert
I will be performing a movement from the 4 seasons (Vivaldi) on solo violin
plus a fun opening piece with bodrhan and flute
(No Kilt this year, sorry!)

14th November

7pm Whittlesey Library, Cambs UK

I am producing a video documentary for a client that will be premiered on Nov 14th.

It documents his journey through the 'Deep South' in the 60's, 80's and his revisit again earlier this year.
It is focussed on the Mississippi, local life and industry (cotton) the history, and the music.
In particular, he is a friend of Jerry Lee Lewis and it follows his journey for his early years (when they met in Peterborough UK) to the current day and his recent 78th Birthday where they were reunited.

He will then give a talk about his experiences shown in the video

Jerry Lee Lewis will receive a personal copy of the video

24th November

The Eastrea Centre Hall
all day till late

I will be the audio producer / live sound 'guy' for this event
I might possibly be playing something live (undecided yet) and a bit of DJ'ing
come along for some early cheesy seasonal cheer