Monday, 3 October 2011

The X Factor UK 2011 - Louis finally lost his marbles

After last nights show (2nd October) , which was rather bizarre to say the least, I feel I must add my own comments on the decisions made.

First of all, I am not going to go much into my opinion on whether or not the show is valid , good , bad, ruining the industry, pushing unprepared people into the limelight, is it light entertainment or serious career changing, etc etc.  Just look at msn's comments if you want to read 1000's of people giving their annoying boring yawnworthy opinions on that. To be honest, If you watch the show enough to make sensible comment, then you are watching the show and Simon is happy! So why are you still watching it if you don't agree and it annoys you that much?! Either that or you havn't watched it enough to comment anyway. If the X Factor isn't valid then neither are many other shows like reality shows / quiz shows / dragons den etc etc... I agree, it will rarely make a long term pop star, though it has on occassion, but it has changed the lives of lucky (talented?) few, sometimes for the better. Remember the media twist and exaggerate stories around it, a lot.

(To be fair, half the comments on msn are complaining and whingeing about the point of the show and the other half totally agree with what I am about to say here ...)

Ok, back to the point....
Has Louis gone completely insane? Was he trying to do another 'Wagner?' I mean Goldie?? over Sammi?
In the girls group -  I agreed with putting Janet through as in my opinion she has the most talent and unique voice.... but how could they dump Jade, who they all were moved to tears by her in the earlier shows and was 2nd favourite to win ??? The other choices that got through are 'forgettable.' Who are they?.. I could not tell you without looking it up! Oh, I just did, I still don't remember them..!

And in the boys group; putting through the bottom flasher (Frankie) who can't sing much but has a boyish haircut and a tattoo on his bum,  over John Wilding, obviously 100 times a better singer, who just needs some serious image and style tips.(He looked like he just stepped out of Happy Days)

and although Johnny at least appears humerous, humble and a nice guy (It seems) Can he really sing? Would you want to buy his records? Great in Panto with a wig , but No1? hmmm

Come on X - Factor - Do you think most people are that shallow and naive that they want to hear a poser with little or no talent sing over a 'normal' person with an amazing voice? I know which one I'd choose to listen to. Or am I missing the point and X Factor is actually not about singing, but a quick way to make childrens' TV presenters, or chat show celebs? (Ollie Murs anyone? ... Actually, he's not too bad, but you get the point!)

They have even repeatedly on the show during audition stages said they need a true pop star - a great singer and great personality. So why are they letting mad , (unfunny) commedians through who can't sing?

The choices were Bizarre to say the least

Thank god Goldie withdrew.....for the second time!?  ( they didn't explain why.... very odd indeed)
I mean, she'd get booed off stage at a local kareoke club.
Maybe she knows and thought, "enough is enough, Iv'e done with being laughed at.... ?". 
Who knows.

This sums up the whole show:

Louis Walsh about : Kitty Brucknell

"You can definitely sing, you're a very passionate girl, I can tell that - but I think you'd be a nightmare to work with. You're through to live shows."