Thursday, 28 July 2016

Dark Villagers Religious views

I may possibly
regret posting this but..

just felt like a rant as it helps me get it out and say my inner thoughts.. apologies if I offend anyone with this.
I had to say it.

Here ya go..

My view on religion is that please don't force your god or your beliefs on me. We all have our own view on it. To tell me your god is better than mine makes you selfish. there are many gods and many religions and beliefs. My view is yes, there is a truth and a power.

I think parts of all religion are correct, and many parts are wrong. For any one religion to tell me what to do, is therefore wrong and is selfish and misses the understanding of the point of religion.

I think the Indians of America had a damn good faith well before we did. I think most Muslims are good people. I think modern Christianity is good apart from it's based on the  fact we went and killed half the Muslims on a crusade (which as a kid I thought was cool)

I am religious as in .. I think people inherently want the same thing and to be good to each other and not break the basic rules, we all want that. but to say your god is better than another's, is terrible and wrong.

Generally, we all want to be happy and do good and be good.

Personally I think there is a force, and aura that is all powerful, as in there is 'something' beyond us.
the bible is one version of the truth
the Koran is another
there are many others
the are all based on the same stories and truths at heart around the same humanity and facts and people.
they all based on vague truths

It's up to us to make it work and for us to be better..

I also don't think people that pray to themselves for help from god to help you in a specific situation are really getting 'god' why would god help you personally? I mean in a selfish situation like " help me god make me run faster or do better: like athletes that pray to god to help me win this race wearing a chain on their necks

i.e.. that's selfish and will not work.

yes, wear a chain to remind you that you are humble, that is fine, remember god and Jesus or whatever religion, but the aura of life or whatever will not help you win a race or be better. that is up to you.

it don't work like that. even vicars will tell you that. so stop doing it.

Just please don't tell me your god is the only god and he's perfect because most other people on the planet, what ever religion you are from or believe in will tell you are an idiot.

Multi gods as in roman and Greek may have been better and less offensive than we have now which is segregated gods and beliefs which cause conflict for the only purpose of their own belief. which is anti the whole point of religion. stop it.

We all want happiness and peace.

Get rid of segregated stupid religion where you believe your only god is the only god and unify and get on with it then maybe we can be ok.

I do believe there is a force, something out there. I trained in Jedi but I don't believe that totally either. I left it recently as some one disagreed with me, I was trying to have fun and 1 person took offence, and more importantly, the boss told me to go or do what they ( the more important status person) wanted, sums it up! 

I was brought a up a Christian, but I don't like how even within Christianity there are various choices of what is actual Christian.

I reckon from my experiences that more Christians hate Muslims that Muslims hate Christians.

I love England, I want to stay here, but people here need to learn to be more worldly and understanding too. I agree with some of native Indian ideas. So please don't call on my door and ask me to be a  Jehovah, or tell me your bible or faith is better than mine. Trust in your own, that's good, but don't force it on me. 

 Don't tell me you have no vices. Don't tell me there is only 1 "truth" that exists, which is yours. (If you truly believe that, you fail humanity and are selfish)

This is only my opinion, so feel free to not agree. I just think that we are entitled to our own opinions and to say one belief is the only correct one when many exist (and are all equally truthful or untruthful)  is wrong and selfish. They are all good and life can work with all, if we let it.

Let's hope one day the world will learn to get on with each other.. we are all partly correct.. and usually quite wrong