Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Funny CV review

Well, thought I would share this one as it's amusing and vaguely music / entertainment related as you will see!

I saw a Job advertised and in order to apply for it I had to upload my cv to a job site ( having made sure I unchecked any boxes allowing sharing to other sites). They obviously ignored this totally because I got a 'thank you for registering / sending your cv to us' from 4 other jobsites and a phone call from an agency wanting to sign me up.

As well as the above, I also got an email saying than you for sending us your CV for a free review (huh????!!! when was that?! I did not!)
'We will thoroughly examine your CV and send you afree appraisal within 24 hours.' Okkkkaaaaaayy.

So they did; I quote:  Thank you for requesting a FREE CV review from **Total-CVs**. We have given your CV a thorough appraisal..........

........and I got 6/10 layout, 6/10 content and 7/10 Language. (With very non specific generic comments about each, Which did not consider the profession the cv was aimed at in any way, for which their comments are actually WRONG)

Hmm I thought. I know it's not perfect but I was disappointed with my score as it's taken lots of years to get it about right. (not that teachers/lecturers need cv's much - it's all done by long winded repetitive appllication forms!)

So I had an idea.

I made up a new hotmail account and invented a person, based on David Walliams, who I called David Williamson.

I made a fake address and post code and phone number that don't exist. Anywhere.


I headed it properly but in each heading had things like:

'TV superstar'
'comic relief'
'massive tv personality'
as seen on TV
and wembly
and in the thames

about half a page long, badly written, loads of typos and no real information of any use.

So, after they gave it a 'thorough appraisal'...

I got an identical score, identical email, identical comment, ended the same of my 'real' one with: please send us lots of cash and we will do it properly for you.

So... the moral is, even David Walliams can't write CV's :-)
or: next time you write a CV, pretend to be someone else!....

er no, thats not it,

the moral is; people BLATENTLY LIE on websites , even seemingly professional ones and somehow get away with it. I'm sure it's actually not acceptable / illegal to advertise that you are going to do something and then don't. Isn't that called Lying? I thought there was a law against that in business?



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